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"Frame Team Belgium" was a job for Sly Cooper in "Flight of Fancy" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


This is a four-man job! Steal one of Team Belgium's handkerchiefs, then break open an armored truck to exchange the handkerchief with Team Iceland's lucky ice sculpture.


  • Steal the handkerchief
  • Break open the truck
  • Switch the handkerchief with the ice sculpture


After the binocucom cutscene, control will go to Murray. Once inside the hotel, approach a Belgian dalmatian marked by the waypoint and engage in conversation. Choose any dialogue options until you get the physical humor option shows up. Choose that option and the Belgian will start laughing. Control will then switch to Bentley. All you need to do is pickpocket the Belgian while he's laughing. Then control will switch to the Guru.

As the Guru, possess guards and ram them into the back door of the truck. Do this until the health gauge drops to zero, but watch out! Once the first hit is taken, the truck will activate an automated defense system, in which it drops traps along the path. It will drop the traps more quickly as you continue to ram the truck. Once done, control will switch to Sly, who now has the handkerchief.

Get into the truck via the roof. Using either the Paraglider or Rocket Boots will help you catch up to it. Once inside, crack the safe, make the swap and the job is complete.