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"Into the Depths" was a job for Sly Cooper in "An Opera of Fear" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Break into Octavio's opera house with Bentley and hack his computer.


Head down to the hatch and Bentley will meet up with you. Once inside, make your way through the double-button doors. In the second room, feel free to break all of the objects scattered around for extra coins.

Once you make past the second door, you must now find a way for Bentley to get across the water to the next door. Hop on the boxes, then sneak along the ledge. Make your way to a pipe surrounded by a rotating, inferno contraction. Avoid the flames as you shimmy across, for if you do not, you will fall in the water and need to try again. Once that's done, spire jump onto the points in the water to get to another ledge. This ledge has moving lasers, so avoid them at all costs. Then, grab onto the pipe and shimmy across to the door. Jump down and knock the guard into the water, then press circle to activate the switch. Two crates will drop down for Bentley to jump on. Once Bentley makes it across, he will bomb the door open. Head up the stairs, but avoid the lasers!

You will then come across two plexi-glass walls. You will need to find a way on the other side of both walls to get to the switch in the third room. You can enter the middle room if you'd like, and smash the crates for some extra coins. Otherwise, just sneak through the vents to access the third room. Take out the guard, then press the switch to open the plexi-glass doors. Bentley will then come and blast open the door. Head down the stairs and watch the lasers. Two guards will drop down. Take them out quickly, and then help Bentley open the door. Before heading through, if you turn around, there is an extra crate on top of a small glass platform if you want to smash it for extra coins. Other than that, just head up the stairs with Bentley to get to the computer. There will not be lasers on the stairs this time. Once Bentley starts hacking, reinforcements will arrive. Dispatch these guys quickly before they attack Bentley. Once the guards stop appearing and Bentley finishes hacking, the job is finished.