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"Laptop Retrieval" was a job for Bentley and Sly Cooper in A Cold Alliance of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Track down General Tsao and reclaim the ThiefNet computer.


  • Hack the computer
  • Complete "Walk Across the Heavens"
  • Defeat Tsao


The job will start with Bentley entering General Tsao's palace. Tsao's computer is just ahead on the left. He may have to break a decoration to see it. He will then have to hack Tsao's computer, which has a defense avatar that he will have to destroy. Once the hack is complete, Sly will go to the prayer bell with the Guru. Bentley will then activate the transfer sequence for Sly and the Guru. After the cutscene where the Guru lifts objects to make a path, control will switch to Sly.

Hop across the levitating objects and guards to get to the other end of the cliff. Sly will crawl through the hole and meet up with Tsao. Bentley will inform him that he is getting weird readings and asks Sly if he would like optimizer goggles, meaning that this part of the job can be played in 3-D.

Use your Ninja Spire Jumps and double jumps to get across and dodge attacks from Tsao. Once Tsao comes by, give him a good whacking with Sly's cane. He has a Thief Meter, so he will require more than one hit to finish him. Once his health is down to zero, he will fall, laughing. This leads to the second part of the battle. Tsao's shield can do more than just block. It pops out razors that damage Sly if you if he gets too close. His shield can also summon the dead, causing them to chase Sly until he is safely up high on a bamboo shoot. Tsao's last attack is summoning dragons that can daze Sly. These dragons can swivel up bamboo shoots, so when one gets close, make sure to get onto a different bamboo shoot. Once his health is full depleted, he will give up the laptop.

Once Sly gets the laptop back, it's job complete!