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"Murray Tutorial" is the first time in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves that the player learns how to play as Murray in the Hazard Room.


Learn how to use Murray special moves.


Part 1 (Throwing rocks)[]

The first part of this tutorial involves using Murray's throwing abilities. Beside you are a pile of rocks. Use Murray's stomp move (circle) to pick up the rocks. You must throw them at the three pillars ahead, suspending the platform.

Part 2 (Interacting with guards)[]

For the next part, you will be learning Murray's interaction with guards. The first thing you must do is walk up to the flashlight guard ahead and knock him out with a simple punch, and then stomp to pick him up. Once above your head, press square to throw him into the next pillar.

For the next part, you will learn another way Murray can knock guards out - throwing things at them. Pick up a rock with Murray's stomp move and hurl it at the guard to knock him unconscious, then head up to him, pick him up and toss him at the pillar.

The next part involves Murray's unique pickpocketing technique. Since Murray doesn't have the agility or technology to pick people's pockets, he can use his mighty strength to mug his foes. Go up to the guard highlighted by the blue glow and follow the same technique as before. Once he's above your head, press circle to shake the coins out of his pocket and collect the loot. To continue, defeat the guard by either throwing him or slamming him down using triangle.

For the next part, you will be learning Murray's juggling move. To use this move, press triangle to juggle a foe, and then press circle to grab him. You must then throw the foes into the pillars in the center of the room. You'll have to pull this off three times to move on.

Part 3 (Thunder Flop)[]

The final part of the tutorial covers Murray's Thunder Flop move. On the center platform is a groundplate. Head over there to break it a few times. To perform the Thunder Flop, jump and press square or triangle.


Sometimes, the groundplate completely breaks after only two hits.



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