"Rug Rats" was a job for Salim al-Kupar in "40 Thieves" of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


Find a way to the top of the tower and rescue the Panther.


Part 1Edit

After the mission briefing, head to the vent marked by the waypoint. Once inside the shop, you'll be introduced to Salim's Climbing Cobra technique, which is used by getting onto a pole and pressing R2Button. You must use it to climb the long pole that sticks out of a pot filled with cobra that will quickly launch at you.

Upon reaching the next room, you will be briefing again by Bentley on what to do next. To advance, Salim will need to make his way over to the other side of the room and find a way into the underground cave. One thing to note: This entire mission has plenty of breakables such as vases, barrels and treasure chests, so go wild and smash up everything for a wad of coins. Just remember one thing - you cannot alert the guards, or the mission will be a failure.

Part 2Edit

When you enter the cave, you'll meet a nasty army of diablo scorpions. The room is filled with nests from which they emerge. You can avoid these devilish creatures if you want, but destroying their nests will get rid of them permanently. Make your way to the rope and climb it using the climbing technique to get into the tower.

Once there, Bentley will give you yet another briefing. To advance, you must raise a pole to climb upwards, but before you can do that, you must exterminate all of the scorpions in this room. After that, go to the center of the room and move the LStick back and forth to raise the pole. Ascend it to reach a high platform, but watch out for the cobra in the basket, who could knock you off the platform with a quick strike. Ascend the pole to reach a ledge. You will need to sneak past the guard while he's distracted. Ahead are a set of fragile chains that you must use the climbing technique on. Be mindful of the cobras as you make your way across the ledge. After that, descend the rope by the moving gears, then ascend the next two flimsy chains. Sneak across another ledge to reach a lever, which you need to pull to extend the snake tongue. Hop across it before it retracts and climb another set of poles. At the end of the balcony is another snake tongue that you'll need to extend. Avoid the searchlights as you make your way to the top of the tower.

Once you reach the room where the panther is, you just have one more thing to do - hack the system. You will be doing a Spark Runner hack. After finishing that, you're all done here!

Sly Mask locationsEdit

  1. This mask is found on a large ledge where three guards are seen. Take each one out with a stealth attack to collect it.


Let's Play Sly Cooper 4 Thieves in Time part 36 Rugrats (Mission)

Let's Play Sly Cooper 4 Thieves in Time part 36 Rugrats (Mission)

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