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"Sly Tutorial 4" was a job for Sly Cooper in the Hazard Room of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Part 1 (Pickpocketing)[]

To start off, pickpocket the guard that is in front of you using circle. Do not be detected or you will have to start over. Bentley will then reset the room with a walking guard. Again, pickpocket the guard without being detected.

Part 2 (Combat)[]

Bentley will now have a guard attack you. You must escape from the guard to complete this section. Use r1 to run around and hide behind the stacks of boxes to lose him.

In the next part, you have six seconds to sprint to the waypoint. There are two guards on both sides, who will hear you. Upon reaching the waypoint, employ the same escape strategy as before, though it may take longer because there are two guards instead of one.

Part 3 (Stealth Slam)[]

For this part, you will be learning how to use Sly's Stealth Slam. You must use it on the guard ahead. Follow the instructions mentioned and walk up behind the guard, press triangle to knock him into the air and then press square to slam him down. In the next part, you must use this move on two guards, but you must not be detected. Take out the first guard, then run away when the other guy comes running. Get behind the guard and then finish him off.

Part 4 (Using traps)[]

In this last section, you will be learning the use of traps, which are placed throughout each world. There is a button on the wall and boat hanging above the center of the room. A guard will be walking around, and when he's underneath the boat's shadow, press circle to drop the boat onto his head, and you're all finished.



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