"Something's Fishy" was a job for Bentley and Murray in "Turning Japanese" of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


Venture into Sashimi Caverns and collect some fish for Rioichi.


First, you must hack the terminal as Bentley to get inside the caverns. Once done, you will take control of Murray. Walk up to the gate and repeatedly press CircleButton to lift the gate. You will then come across Mammoth Lightning Bugs blocking your path. Hit the Giant Lamp Leaf to attract the bugs towards it and clear the way. You will then come across some spikes that pop up out of the ground. Avoid them to get to the gate. Open the gate, then press on. You will then come across a couple of lillipads. As Bentley explains, be careful jumping on them. Up ahead are some more lightning bugs. This time, you must throw a rock at the lamp leaf to activate it.

You should be nearing the pond with the fish. Once there, you will gain control of the magnet. Utilizing the Sixaxis motion control, hover the magnet over a fish to capture them. Press XButton to nab the fish. Collect eight fish to finish the task. Then just head back the way you came, but be careful not drop the fish! You will also need to deal with the lightning bugs again. There will be carriages to throw the fish into while getting rid of the bugs. Once you and Bentley make it out of the caverns, toss the crate of fish into the carriage in the middle of the room. Job Complete!

Sly Mask locationsEdit

  1. When you regain control of Murray, turn around. The mask is right in front of the door. This can also be collected during "Spiked Sushi."


Sly 4- Mission 5 - Something's Fishy (PS3)

Sly 4- Mission 5 - Something's Fishy (PS3)

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