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"Tearful Reunion" was a job for Murray, Penelope and the Panda King in "A Cold Alliance" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Help Murray return the Cooper Van safely to the safe house.


  • Drag the van over to Murray using the RC chopper
  • Protect Murray from the guards


Once you find the van, use the RC chopper to pull the van to where Murray is. You can take out the guards beforehand while getting there. Pull the van to land following the arrow, and control will switch to Murray.

As Murray, break as much of the ice off as you can and deal with any enemies. Once you get most of the ice off, control will switch to Penelope once again. Yank any enemies into the air while Murray tows the van back to the Safe House. However, Murray will stop at a certain area with spikes blocking his way. His determination inspires the Panda King to help, and control will switch to him.

r1 fires the turret and right analog stick zooms the camera in and out. Take out the spikes and enemies, but aim before you fire, as Bentley says, "a careless shot could hit Murray." Once Murray brings the van to the Safe House, it's job complete.



Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves Walkthrough - Tearful Reunion