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Let me get this straight. We're going to bug Rajan's office... with a bug.
― Sly bewildered at Bentley's plan[src]

"Water Bug Run" was a job for Sly Cooper in "The Predator Awakes" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Sly must plant a water bug in Rajan's office, so the gang can keep tabs on him.


Upon reaching the job beacon, Bentley tells Sly that the nearby bug in the pool is a rare Indian water bug and if he can take it to Rajan's office, the bug's wings will transmit local sound waves at a frequency he can monitor. For clarification, Sly asks Bentley if they are going to bug Rajan's office with an actual bug, to which Bentley confirms so, calling it an elegant plan. Bentley then gives a very important detail that Sly must remember: the bug can only survive in stagnant pools. If the bug is kept out of a pool for too long, it will become unhappy and chirp very loudly, which will draw the attention of nearby guards. Sly notices that there are a few pools along the way to Rajan's office and notes that a short swim every now and then should keep the bug quiet.

Sly picks up the bug that rests in a pool of water. The bug becomes more agitated the longer that it is out of water causing it to make sound and alert any nearby guards, so as he heads through the jungle to Rajan's office, Sly drops it off momentarily into the water pools that dot the area.

He eventually makes it to the office and plants the bug. After that happens, Bentley notes that he has already tuned into the bug's wing vibrations, calling himself a genius.


  • Once this mission is complete, there will be a receiver in the safe house that will relay conversations from Rajan's office.