Oh boy. Here comes the big guns... and by "guns" I mean a giant flying whale-dragonfly thing covered in robotic junk! Wait! Dr. M is plugged into that monstrosity!
― Bentley to an airborne Sly before he battle's Dr. M and his Whale-Fly[src]

The Whale-Fly was one of the mutants genetically altered by Dr. M that consisted of a cross between dragonfly and whale. It was a boss in "Danger in the Skies."

Description[edit | edit source]

Dr. M installed a device in which he would be able to monitor the mutant's actions through interface. The mutant was deployed against Sly Cooper during his efforts to retrieve his cane from Dr. M within Kaine Island. It was equipped with sinkers which could be destroyed with Sly's biplane missile launcher. It was also equipped with a green energy emitter that could  fire in a DNA like pattern or, in a complex pattern. The energy emitter attack could only be avoided by flying in the center of it.

Dr. M removed the whale-fly's vocal cords at some point.[1]

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