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In this corner... weighing too much to mention... the horned heavyweight... the battlin' beefcake... he puts the "bull" in "bully," your defending champeen... Wildman!
― Bare-Knuckle Brawl announcer[src]

"Wildman" Weezner (also known as The Champ) was the defending champion of the Bare-knuckle Brawl and a miniboss in "Go West Young Raccoon" of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. He was also a top henchman of Sheriff Toothpick. Thus, he was entrusted with one of the three keys that could change the track of Toothpick's train in Cotton Mouth Bluff. He was ultimately defeated by Murray.

Wildman lies on the floor defeated.

Murray was sent to win the Bare-knuckle Brawl and obtain a key from Wildman. After Murray battled a horde of coyotes to prove himself worthy of battling the champion, Wildman entered the arena, and the two-faced off against each other. Wildman was knocked into the air by Murray, and the key, which Wildman swallowed for safety, flew out of his stomach and into Murray's hand. Wildman was reported unconscious, but that was because nobody knew that he died.[1]

Unlike most bulls in Cotton Mouth Bluff, Wildman wore red punching gloves, replacing the typical Gatling gun. Wildman could also charge at a target similar to the other bulls.