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Sly: How do you plan to hack into the aircraft control tower?
Bentley: It's simple, really. The whole system is linked through computer nodes which monitor the power generated by the nearby windmills.
Sly: Seriously, all the power around here comes from the local windmills? I thought they were just for looks.
― On hacking the windmill computer nodes[src]

"Windmill Firewall" was a job for Bentley in "Flight of Fancy" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. It is the first job in the game that features hacking.


Bentley needs to hack into the aircraft control tower to intercept any messages the Baron sends to his gunships.


For Bentley, nothing satisfies him more than a computer hacking run. In this mission, he must hack into the Aircraft Control Tower, but before he can do this, he must hack the control nodes on three of the local windmills. Since the computers on each windmill is too high for normal jumping, Bentley must use his trusty Hover Pack to help him get up to each one.

After hacking the first three computers, he heads over to the Aircraft Control Tower to hack the last computer. Once he does this, the codes become unstable, causing one windmill to spin too fast. Its propeller then comes loose and spirals all over the place and hurls into the small dam, creating a hole and letting the water fill into the stream. Bentley finds this system bug to come in quite handy for the heist.